About Mega Telecom

Mega Telecom is one of the UK’s fastest growing telecoms companies, providing reliable, Business Broadband Packages. Our phone tariff is amongst the cheapest in the UK market. With explicit attention to our customer’s needs and requirements we believe in serving you with diligence and passion.

Vision & Mission

  • Megatelecom’s mission is simple –Providing UK businesses superior service at an unbeatable price.
  • With a vision to provide the highest quality of service at the lowest cost we use the most robust telephone network in the UK- BT’s network.
  • We understand how important time and money is to you. That’s why we are determined to give you the best service at the best price we can. Our mission is serving the best for our valued customers with passion .
  • With a vision to fulfill our reputed customer’s demand we offer exclusive tailored pricing structures.
  • Our vision and mission is simple –to become the most reliable ,fast and efficient phone line and broadband providers.
  • We happily welcome all our new customers to profit from our exceptional pricing packages.

We follow Direct Debit guarantee

We are Ofcom regulated company

* All Business rates exclude VAT and Residential Rates include VAT.
* Minimum contract length is 24 months