About Mega Telecom

MegaTelecom’s Business Services is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. We provide  phone lines, calls, broadband to small businesses and residential sectors.
Our prices are unbeatable .

About Us

We have an experienced UK based customer service team fulfilling customers’ needs.Our Service Guarantee: We guarantee that our UK based technical support team will handle any faults very efficiently and any repairs to the line will be carried out by BT Openreach engineers.

Our Price Guarantee: We guarantee low rate line rentals , calls, and broadband.

We’re here to help – call us now: 0844 856 9938

We are the highest quality service providers with modified tariff plans suiting our customer’s requirements.

We are a one stop solution for best quality broadband ,line rentals .

We follow Direct Debit guarantee

We are Ofcom regulated company

* All Business rates exclude VAT and Residential Rates include VAT.
* Minimum contract length is 24 months